I am an artist and maker. My studio practice of printmaking and painting has evolved to include wearable textile art with a strong focus on creative recycling. The re-use of materials has a firm presence in my work – in the past I upcycled vintage furniture with colourful painted designs.

  • Linen tops with appliqué made from recycled fabric

    Upcycled fabric

    The colour and texture of fabric have always captivated me. And I like sewing. My contribution to the movement of slow fashion is to create artful wearable textiles using reclaimed fabric. A new addition to my scope of work are collages of landscapes or street scenes made from second hand fabrics. They are framed and […]

  • Paintings and drawings

    Before working with textiles my art practice was focused on painting and printmaking. My still life and landscape paintings and drawings with their often flattened perspective and with stylising distortions are not meant to represent the realistic world precisely. I prefer to remember features that interest me and re-combine them in an imaginary setting.

  • Prints

    Most of my printed work are linoprints in expressive black and white, or multi-colour reduction prints. Printmaking to me means delightful experimentation with different techniques, and I have done drypoint etching, collagraphs, monoprinting and lithography. Before printing on paper I spent several years block printing on fabric.

  • Upcycled furniture

    Painting vintage furniture and accessories was the main part of my art practice when I lived in Canada back in the 1990s. Re-using materials and upcycling are now an integral component of a circular economy and I occasionally transform second-hand furniture into colourful eye-catching accent pieces (commissions only).