• still life oil painting Apples on Shelf

    Paintings: Still Life

    When I paint still life my motifs are usually an imagined setting as opposed to real items arranged in front of me. I want the liberty of exploring patterns and colours as a means of abstraction. The media used are oil paint and textured canvas, and sometimes watercolour on paper.

  • landscape oil painting Long Beach Island, New Jersey

    Paintings: Landscape

    With their often flattened perspective and with stylising distortions my landscape paintings are not meant to represent the realistic world. I prefer to remember patterns that are specific to vistas I want to explore, and I combine landscape features I like when composing an image. Oil paint on textured canvas is my preferred medium.

  • Airlie Landscape


    My drawings tend to be mixed media work on paper, the tools used are graphite and charcoal, ink, wax crayons and pastels, sometimes I add watercolours. A few of the drawings are less stylised than my oil paintings but newer work is taking off in a more abstract direction and the format is getting larger.

  • Monoprint Trees


    The majority of my printed work are linoprints in expressive black and white or multi-colour reduction prints. Printmaking to me means delightful experimentation with different techniques, and I have tried drypoint etching, collagraphs, monoprinting and lithography. Before printing on paper I spent several years blockprinting on fabric.

  • Talk to your Shadow

    Ceramic sculpture

    My stylised, hand-built figures tell stories through body language and constellation. When building vessels I try to make them expressive through surface treatment and glazing. I like experimenting with thick glaze on heavily textured surfaces, and combining clay with contrasting materials like metal or wood.

  • Leaves

    Upcycled furniture

    Painting small pre-loved furniture and accessories was the main part of my art practice when I lived in Canada back in the 1990’s. Now upcycling has become trendy in Europe and I have taken up furniture painting again as a sideline to create colourful eye-catching accent pieces.