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Printmaking: linoprints

I’m working on a series of linoprints for Perth and Kinross Creates, a group exhibition at Perth Museum and Art Gallery in October 2016.
Artists were asked to submit proposals for work they wanted to show, preferably work based on the museum’s collections.

I decided to take a look at a series of photographs featuring lost buildings of Perth, pictures of long demolished houses, taken between the 1880s and 1930s.
Apart from liking the traditional architecture of these buildings I am interested in how it would be possible to translate the often desolate mood in these images into linoprints with a similar feel.
To prepare I went to study the framed photographs at the museum, took my own pictures and made detailed sketches.

The first finished linoprint shows the General Post Office at the corner of Tay Street/High Street in Perth, after a photograph from before 1891.

Old Tay Street Post Office, Perth

I’ve used clouds, shadows and a distorted perspective to add something morbid to this image of a classical public building.