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Printmaking: woodblock printing

I like woodblock printing because it incorporates in the printed image the texture of wood grain, adding some unpredictability to the print. After taking a class at Dundee’s DCA I cut this woodblock, using plywood board and various cutting knives together with some standard linocutting tools.
Traditionally one would use thin Japanese paper and watercolour to create a print,  hand burnished without the use of a printing press. At the moment I feel more at home with linoprinting inks so I used Caligo  for this print. I experimented with various thin papers that I have in my studio – for the print Rainy Day I liked the rough textured effect of  Lokti paper best, it adds to the plain dark / light contrast of the image. For multi-coloured prints I think I’d prefer a smoother paper surface.

woodblock printing Rainy Day

Rainy Day
woodblock print
Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink, Lokti paper
29×20 cm