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Printmaking: linoprint Refrigeration Machine

The first print from my studio in 2018: a linoprint based on a photo of the refrigeration unit of an ice cream maker in South Wales, just outside Machen near Caerphilly. Machines like this fascinate me with their mysterious cables, switches, metal grills, pipes. I went a few times to the ice cream parlour on the same premises when I lived in Wales, and the photo in question had been waiting in my collection of promising motifs for quite a while. Cutting the A4 linoplate was laborious, this print format is relatively small for all the tiny details that needed to be included.
The print edition is small, some prints are hand coloured, some are combined with pale Chine collé.

hand coloured linoprint Refrigeration Machine

Refrigeration Machine
hand coloured linoprint on paper, 30 x 21 cm. 2018