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Upcycling furniture: repair

I am upcycling furniture for my stall at the Urban Market at Drygate in Glasgow. One of the old school chairs that I bought had a patch where the veneer had cracked and lifted. Which means I needed to repair the veneer before painting the chair. After some research online I went looking for my old glue syringes and needles which I knew I had brought with me from Canada. Then I got a piece of wood, and wood glue and clamps.

Lifting veneer

I used the syringe to squeeze glue under the veneer and clamped it down. Would it work? I removed the clamps and found the veneer firmly back in place, it only needed to be sanded a bit.

Lifting veneer repaired Glue syringes

Sigh of relief – the chair is ready to be transformed into a colourful focal piece.