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Upcycling furniture: shelf

Plywood Chic is an original piece of early plywood furniture. It was probably built in the Fifties, when the growing demand for home furnishings after the Second World War was met with cheap plywood. This bookshelf was in surprisingly good shape, so I chose to just refinish it instead of repainting it.A slot in one of the uprights shows that something had broken off and got lost, most likely an ornament. I replaced it with a metal disk, cut according to my design by Colin Southwell, the local art blacksmith of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada.
I also had the straight rectangular end support replaced with one repeating the tapered front line of the mid support – work done by skilled joiner Alex Marcuzzi in North Vancouver.

Plywood Chic-Scarf

Plywood Chic
Plywood, oil wood stain, oil varnish.
Tarnished steel disk. 1999
00x42x130 cm