Green Policy

Recycled fabrics and vintage notions from local charity shops or donated by friends are the main materials that I use in my studio when I create clothing, collages and bags. The linen fabric for jackets and tops is sourced from within the UK. The frames for fabric collages are mostly upcycled pieces. After washing second-hand fabrics and garments I line dry them, run the washing machine only when full, and my energy provider for home and studio is a 100% renewable energy company. All packaging materials and most of my business stationery are either recycled or made from recycled paper.

Garments made in my studio are sustainable not only because of the materials I use. They need to be washed by hand and they need to be washed much less often than we are used to. This saves energy, makes my garments last much longer and keeps microfibres out of the water. The reversible Japanese knot bags that I sew from recycled fabrics are meant to be used as an alternative to ephemeral gift wrapping paper, another means to save resources.

Recycling and upcycling fabrics is at the heart of my business practice: I want to contribute to the circular economy by keeping discarded clothing out of landfill. It is my mission to convince my customers that we can mitigate the dramatic damage inflicted upon the environment by the fast fashion industry and our throw-away culture. We can buy less but better, choose natural over man made fibres, extend the life span of the clothes we wear, care better for the garments we already own. Mend them instead of discarding them. And reduce our carbon footprint by buying local. Small steps, but together we can make a change.

washing on line