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Table Urban Market

Event: Urban Market Glasgow

Some of my upcycled painted furniture will be for sale at Urban Market ‘Vintage’ in Glasgow, as part of a show of vintage clothing, lighting, furniture, collectables. The venue is Drygate Brewery. So you can combine shopping with enjoying great beer and food. Small table with drawer 53 x 38 x 57 cm. Acrylic paint, […]

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Printmaking: screenprinting on clay

A few days ago I started a collaborative project together with ceramicist Jenny Charles in Bridge of Tilt, Highland Perthshire. We decorate shallow bowls with a screenprinted design. Jenny produces round clay slabs which she later shapes into bowls, using a mould. I built a small screenprinting frame and created a design which we print […]

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African Tunic Detail. Blockprint on fabric

Fabric printing: tunic

When fabric printing  was one strand of my business I wanted to work on something more interesting than T-Shirts and found cotton tunics in a plain cut. I dyed them by hand and printed them, using my own stamps. (more…)

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Upcycling furniture: chest of drawers

Furniture upcycling: one doesn’t always come across a piece with the great quality of beech wood! I swapped this chest of drawers years ago in Canada for some graphic design work. But you wouldn’t recognise its original look: base and top plate with curvy outlines… (more…)

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Upcycling furniture: chest of drawers

More furniture upcycling: Kandinsky is the name of this piece – the first one I ever painted, transforming a really drab and flimsy chest of drawers into an eye-catching focal point. Exploring the work of this great Russian pioneer of abstract art, I came across his painting Swinging (1925). (more…)

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Pencil Chair. Sold.

Upcycling furniture: chair

I was asked to contribute a painted chair to an event celebrating furniture upcycling as part of general re-using and upcycling at the local primary school in Coupar Angus, Perthshire. An old school chair was given to me and I decorated it with pencils – everybody needs pencils in class. (more…)

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Break-up. Sold.

Upcycling furniture: table

A sad, worn piece of furniture it was when I found it at a charity garage sale somewhere in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Its appearance improved considerably by applying paint and an interesting design – but the colourful lines hold unhappy memories. (more…)

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Memories of Grandma

Upcycing furniture: bedside table

I found the bedside table Memories of Grandma in the Deep Cove area, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It was in pretty bad shape, because the owner’s wife had tried to strip it and given up when she hit the coat of rock solid white alkyd paint under two layers of black and blue latex. […]

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China Cabinet. Sold.

Upcycling furniture: bedside table

This piece is called China Cabinet because my design incorporates elements that remind me of a stage prop of the Thirties trying to create a Far Eastern ambience. I found the little bedside table at a garage sale in the Deep Cove area of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (more…)

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Plywood Chic

Upcycling furniture: shelf

Plywood Chic is an original piece of early plywood furniture. It was probably built in the Fifties, when the growing demand for home furnishings after the Second World War was met with cheap plywood. This bookshelf was in surprisingly good shape, so I chose to just refinish it instead of repainting it. (more…)

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