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Sunday Afternoon. Sold.

Upcycling furniture: table

Upcycling: the design for this small table, well-proportioned but bland, was created by masking off successive parts of the beech wood table top and painting it in different colours. I wasn’t thinking of a particular motive, but I began to see an image which I best describe through a poem:  (more…)

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Katazome Resist

Fabric design: Katazome table mat

Katazome is a technique of decorating fabric where areas of fabric which are not to be dyed or painted are blocked out. There are many different ways of blocking out; a well-known one is batik, where wax keeps dye or fabric paint from bonding with the fabric. (more…)

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Guckkasten Clown. Sold.

Design: perspective box

In my early teens an old neighbour once gave me a pile of wooden cigar boxes. I used them to create what’s called “Guckkasten” in German, a perspective box or peep-show box. They contain small bric-a-brac figures in front of a matching background, arranged like frozen scenes of a play. (more…)

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Cast bronze figures

Sculpture: bronze figures

These figures are the result of a bronze casting workshop in Kinsale, Cork, Ireland. I was introduced to hand-built equipment – a kiln and a furnace, plus a roofer’s torch and butane gas as fuel. The students used the lost wax technique: (more…)

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Red Nose. Sold.

Upcycling furniture: chest of drawers

Upcycling: Red Nose is one of those pieces of furniture that have done service for generations. I found it in the basement of an elderly couple’s house in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They did not want to bring it to their new downsized place. (more…)

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Blackfriars London. Drypoint print

Printmaking: intaglio print

London: walking along the Thames from the Tate Modern Gallery to the Oxo Tower, one passes under Blackfriars Bridge. The intricate construction details of its arches have always fascinated me, and I chose them as a motif for a small drypoint print. (more…)

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Sculpture: clay figures

This figure group is one of my earliest clay sculptures. The figures are built from clay slabs and mounted on a custom made steel base. It had been delivered highly polished. I’m not fond of this surface treatment so I left the metal base out in the open for a few weeks. (more…)

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