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Upcycling furniture: chest of drawers

Furniture upcycling: one doesn’t always come across a piece with the great quality of beech wood! I swapped this chest of drawers years ago in Canada for some graphic design work. But you wouldn’t recognise its original look: base and top plate with curvy outlines… My trusted cabinet maker Alex Marcuzzi in North Vancouver beautified the piece with a pedestal base and a straight top plate according to my specifications and was kind enough to drill about 130 small holes along the edges of the top: I wanted a piece of furniture with beads. I bought copper wire and beads and started threading. This decor explains the name Wired.
Then I started thinking about handles. I made a design drawing and showed it to a welder I knew, Dan Llewellyn in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia. He made the handles for me.

furniture upcycling wired

Beech wood, acrylic wood stain.
Steel knobs, copper wire. 2000
81 x 43 x 125 cm

furniture upcycling wired handle